Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Drug Update - Ibruvica (ibrutinib)

During our Hospital IPPE month, we had to give a presentation on a recently approved drug from the last year.  A lot of important medicines received approval including to oral treatments to Hepatitis C.  I also liked that each of these drugs had been discussed during our lecture classes.  I might not have remembered what they did, but I at least recognized some of the names.

I waited until the end of the sign up period, because I did not really care what I got.  In the end, I selected Imbruvica, the oral treatment for mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocyctic leukemia.  We also had to find some way to actively engage the audience during our presentation.  It's almost like I have a Master's degree in that.  But really, I do.  I chose to impersonate a couple of our professors from the semester.  I had a pickle jar with everyone's name in it, a chemist hat, played pharmacy hangman, and wrote a short poem.  I also chose a punny subtitle for the lecture.  PO is the pharmacy abbreviation for ORAL - tablet, capsule, etc.

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