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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TED Talk Tuesday: Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers has given several short, but great talks at TED conferences.  Concise and funny seems to fit his style.  In this one, Derek uses an odd example to explain leadership and how to start a movement.  Movements start with one person, a visionary, willing to step out and be different.  But until someone else joins them, he will be a lone nutcase.  Momentum cannot begin until the second person joins the movement.  There are two types of leadership in this example.  We need creative people to find new ways to do things, but we also need people to recognize the good ideas.  We always talk about great leadership.  Derek reminds us that great leadership is more about the idea or the group than the person.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TED Talk Tuesday: Simon Sinek

Every level of education talks about leadership.  We talked about in high school sports and now again in the midst of pharmacy school.  There may be an intense debate between leadership and management, but the need for successful administrators remains high.  Simon Sinek is a management theorist and talked to TED - almost all leaders in their fields - about leadership.  The best leaders make us feel safe and make every individual feel as a part of the group and begins to work cooperatively.  I personally enjoyed the leadership style of Dean Smith who wrote very well about his process in The Carolina Way.  Good leaders care about the members of the group.  Sinek believes that if the members feel safe about their position in the group they will preform better.