Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TED Talk Tuesday: Richard St. John

Everyone wants to become successful, but how do you stay successful?  Richard St. John tells a quick story of building, collapsing and rebuilding.  Success is a continuous process that doesn't end once you reach the top.  Other people want to get there and will keep improving themselves, so you have to keep improving yourself.  It's not good enough to graduate with a PharmD, you have to keep educating yourself and updating the newest drugs.

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time.  His success came from athletic ability AND intense, continuous practice.  How many times do we see a champion team fall apart the next season?  Michael Jordan and the Bulls didn't fall into that trap they continually improved and stayed ahead of the NBA.  What's true in sport is true in life.  Champions, winners, and other successful people who stay on top keep improving themselves through practice, through education, through passion.

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