Friday, August 8, 2014

Last Day of Summer

My summer break has reached its final day.  This weekend I go to work at the Hospital before a CAPS meeting on Monday and the first day of classes on Tuesday.  Surprisingly, I accomplished a lot during this unexpected break.  The plan was to work at the hospital during the weekdays during the months of June and July, but too many new full time technicians were starting that they moved me to my weekend schedule.  That meant a lot of free time for the entirety of July.

Chivalry returned to BBC America on Sunday Nights
I know that I shouldn't complain, but I was worried that I would go a little crazy.  Usually my summers are filled with football practices and planning for the next year.  Not anymore.  I have no control over the requirements for this year.   I really did not want to revert to a month of TV watching, so I turned to more constructive ideas.  The closet under the stairs got shelves for better organization.  The guest bathroom was quarterrounded and the master bathroom received two shelves in a completed wasted space.  Our screened in porch now has carpet and a dinner table.  The cats litter box was concealed inside a table looking box.  I also kept the house very clean - which I think my wife will miss the most.

There was some TV watching though - Under the Dome, The Musketeers, Orange is the New Black,
and the World Cup.  I went to seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and read The Patriot Games and Allegiant.  The Hobbit was on HBO yesterday.  While I did a lot of work, I did get plenty of relaxation in.  Of course some relaxation isn't so relaxing.  I took the dogs on a lot of walks and Charlie, the black lab, pulls incessantly.  I tried to train them without going to someone.  It helped a little, but he can still be annoying.  Running also fits into the relaxing but not so much category.

But all that is behind me now.  It might have been better not to have worked at the hospital so I could get more done at home.  Then again, I could have used the experience.  Next Tuesday begins Pharmaceutical Year #2.  I met several PY1s at the social led by CAPS leaders at McAllister's.  The all seemed excited about starting their journey, like I was last year.  While I began the semester with a combination eagerness, anxiety and worry that I made a life-altering mistake for my family, PY2 begins with confidence and yet more excitement.  They say PY2 is the hardest year of pharmacy school - tons of material and an exam every week.  Clearly they weren't a high school football coach with an "exam" every week.  I am not worried about this semester, but I might feel differently in a month.  We do have a quiz on the first day of lab and an assignment has already been completed.  Before I know it, it will be December.  I will try to keep writing throughout the semester but I might miss a day here or there.  I should have plenty of material for a weekly update on PY2.  Here is a look at our classes for the Fall Semester:

  1. Drug Literature
  2. Medicinal Chemistry
  3. Pharmacokinetics
  4. Pharmacotherapy - GI, Respiratory, Dermatology
  5. Pharmaceutical Care Lab #3

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