Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Broken Escalator

Do you ever have some place to go, but then get stuck on the path.  Maybe you are in school for a specific target, but don't feel that the teachers or professors are helping you get there.  Do you complain and wait for them to help you?  Or do you take matters into you own hands?  Education is not dispensed from on high, but a journey to explore one step at a time.  Pay attention in class, but also read the book, ask questions, go to office hours, write emails.  Most importantly, don't get stuck and do nothing about it.  Take your education into your own hands.    Don't be like the people on the broken escalator.

College has changed a lot since I was last here.  Sure we had laptops and cell phones, but for the most part, students dutifully took notes on paper.  I kept all of my college notebooks, which I actually used a few when teaching.  But now, everyone seems to download the powerpoint onto their MacBook Pro, open it when the professor starts and proceed to Facebook or Amazon.  I am shocked by the number of people that don't really pay attention during pharmacy school.  Then they complain about having to rewatch the lectures and not doing as well on their exams.

I found success this semester with a very simple set up.  I download the PPT file and convert it into a PDF of two slides per page.  I upload it to the Dropbox to transfer to my iPad and open in NoteTakerHD.  That is were I take my notes.  Most importantly, since the iPad only does one thing at a time, I can't lose myself in other websites.  I also read the books, make study guides, based on the objectives listed by the professor, and make flash cards on Quizlet.

My problem is to remember that education is more than making A's in the classroom.  As introverted as I am, I must force myself to get out there and participate in the various clubs and talk to professors.  They gave us a professor as a mentor, but I failed to utilize him.  I am going to correct that next year.  I did some CAPS activities, but I plan to do much more this year.  I am now the webmaster/historian, putting me into a leadership position.  I am joining the Recruitment Ambassadors to spread to word about pharmacy and specifically the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.  I plan to join the SHAC clinic and actively work with local patients during the semester.  Take control of your education and make your weaknesses you strengths.

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