Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TED Talk Tuesday: Adam Savage

The Mythbusters bring a excitement and beauty to the scientific process that inspires millions of kids in the science classroom.  I used the Mythbusters a lot during my teaching days to help them understand the scientific method.  Especially in Physical Science, we would watch an episode after every test and they would dutifully require the Hypothesis (Myth), Experiment, Data, and Conclusion (Busted/Confirmed/Plausible).  Kids need to learn that "Failure is always an option".  Too many people see failure and quit, but the Mythbusters rightfully view failure as an opportunity to try again.

Adam Savage brings some of that wonder to the TED stage in this TED Ed Talk about how simple ideas lead to important scientific discoveries such as the speed of light or the circumference of the Earth.  We are all explorers attempting to understand the world before us.  Somethings are known, but a lot remains in question.  As the Mythbusters show, some of the things we know are not.  

The best part about these TED Ed talks is that it is animated.  My students always liked the animated talks more than normal lectures.  They can follow the images even when they don't fully understand the words being said.  So if you are showing TED Talks in classes, I urge you to check out their animated videos.


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