Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let the Kids Decide

I posted this before, but blogger had a hiccup and erased the article.  Creationists often say that teachers should teach both sides of the Evolution-Creation debate.  They continue this ploy as if a scientific consensus hasn't been reached.  They also pretend that no other scientific idea doesn't have a controversial alternative.  

I suggest that if the poorly named "Academic Freedom Bills" pass in a state near you, embrace the sentiment and teach these alternative theories.  Let your kids decide which makes more sense: Alchemy or Chemistry; Neurology or Phrenology, Astronomy or Astrology; Physics or Magic.  While your are at it, teach the kids why intelligent design fails as science.  If they want you to teach the controversy, explain why no controversy actually exists.  Give them the accurate information and let the kids decide.

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